40, Not Dead-Coming soon!

40, Not Dead-Coming soon!

My new book will be released on the 30th August… Here it is!

The Blurb…


A middle-aged woman gets ambushed onto a coach trip with her narcissistic mother and a bunch of badly behaved pensioners. Her younger brothers have written her off as sad, old and lonely, and as a result, she has lost any hope of a more fulfilling life. Throughout this hilarious battle of wits and wills, she finds glimmers of hope, romance and unexpected friendships as she refuses to throw in the towel of life.

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Lucy and Me

Lucy and Me


Lucy And Me

Once upon a rainy day
I strolled across the park
In the distance, I saw a stray
And heard his delicate bark

His lead was tied around a swing
It was tattered and lost its thread
How could someone do such a thing?
He was starved and left for dead

I picked him up and held him tight
His frailty lumped my throat
He was cold and obviously full of fright
So I comforted him in my coat

We ran through the rain as fast as I could
And demanded to see the vet
She looked at us both covered in mud
She laughed and said, ‘you’re a bit wet’

‘He was left for dead, please will you help?’
She nodded as she took him from me
She examined him and he let out a yelp
‘This dog’s not a he…he’s a she’

She laughed and then she let out a sigh
As she stroked the dog’s matted hair
She said she was lucky she did not die
And she was lucky that I found her there

‘I will take her and look after her now
And give her the life that she needs
But you will have to help and show me how
With her care and all her feeds’

Three years have passed as of today
And Lucy, the stray, is alive and well
Sarah, the vet, became my wife in May

…Now wasn’t that a story to tell?

I’m Back…OMG

I’m Back…OMG


I have been away for such a loooooong time and so much has happened! I found this blog today and I realised how much fun it was.

Since my last visit, I have published 5 books (with 2 ready for publication) and started a degree. Life is fun…if not hectic!

So what is everyone up too? I’m going to come back with some more funny greek mythology analogies and stories!

Chat soon!

Letos kids- The Yorkshire Pudding that bounced

Letos kids- The Yorkshire Pudding that bounced

One for the kids !

Blogging it like a goddess


There once lived a goddess called Hestia. She was a wonderful and kind Goddess that liked to create a wonderful home. She loved to cook and clean and look after people. Unfortunately Hestia did not have a family of her own so she became very lonely at times. She did however look after other families and children. One day her neighbour Leto asked her if she would be so kind and look after her 8 year old twins James and Charlotte, just for the afternoon. Hestia was delighted to be asked and immediately planned a fun afternoon for the children. She decided to teach the children how to cook. The only problem was the cupboards were bare. Hestia found Eggs Flour milk and a bit of lard. “We will make Yorkshire puddings she announced!”

The children were excited, they had never made Yorkshire puddings before. Once the mixture was made it was…

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The blogging goddess is on the move..

The blogging goddess is on the move..

Hi all,

I have moved my site so they are all in the same place. I have loved being here on wordpress but alas i have decided to move on and would love you to follow me on my journey. I will post on here some old stuff whilst transferring some of my previous blogs so we can still keep in touch. I am taking my domain with me and you can subscribe to www.bloggingitlikeagoddess.com.

I hope you are all well and are continuing to enjoy the blogging world.

I will be posting on here for a short while.

Take care my fellow bloggers!




My old but new business

My old but new business

So i have been doing coaching and personal development for a good 6 years now, without any real identity (apart from me) So now we have an all encompassing website and new name.

Its called My Happy Truths. Here is my website www.myhappytruths.com

Here’s my first business blog with my new site.

My happy truths

 It’s fair to say that i have had lots of happy truths over my lifetime. It has been said that i can get excited about a mere crumb on the floor. A bit of an over exaggeration i feel but i suppose there is some truth in it.The point is that everyone’s happy truths are individual to them.

I love stationary, i am a bit weird about it as some may know but i do love stationary. There’s no better feeling than purchasing a new notebook and having a really good pen to work with. To most a pen is a pen. To me its not. A good pen is like a good fitting shoe. Its worth it.

That is how life is in general. What floats my boat may not float yours.

I have realised over the years that i like nothing more than to have a feeling of achievement, doing the things i love. I cant settle in a job i have no passion for, and being surrounded by people who are not passionate about what they do is my worst nightmare. So i have to avoid situations that are just like that.

It doesn’t make me happy.

I could go on and bore you all day about how important i feel it is to understand what makes me happy, because understanding that makes life easier for the people around me who put up with my wingingness (i know not a proper word) when i am not happy.

So i have created my business doing the things i enjoy and the things i love. Being a huge believer in positive thinking i have my visioning boards presented  on my desk. Not sure i’ll get my own private island but you never know. Worked for Richard Branson right ?

So do you know YOUR Happy Truths ? Does your friends and family know your Happy Truths?

Maybe your living it, maybe your not. But for me everyday is an adventure finding different things to top up my happiness tank, and that’s what i aim to do. Try and experience as many things in life as i can. It doesn’t have to be exotic holidays or expensive treats, but things that may just give me a happy truth.

I will write about them and explore them in my blogs, and i will help people to find and develop their happy truths.

The above is why my self employment over the last 6 years has evolved and become a little enterprise called My Happy Truths and i hope it is everything i have dreamed it will be.

I have found my Happy Truths i hope you have found yours

Sarah X

Athena- Why I love Vinyl Tile Stickers

Athena- Why I love Vinyl Tile Stickers

black and white

So one of the reasons i have not been blogging as much is because of moving house 2 months ago. After 4 weeks of packing, moving, twisting wrists and basically moaning and screeching at anyone in my path, i was ready to tackle the decor of the new house.

I decided to start on the bathroom which was by far the room that needed most attention. As i stood looking at the tiles in the room i examined the white emulsion that had been painted over cream tiles.

I had no idea what to do with the room. I am basically rubbish as any DIY but i needed to do something. My plasterer friend said it would be a bad idea to paper over tiles as i had naively suggested. Another friend said if i painted over the paint it would look ridiculous. The only other option left was to take every tile of and start again.

I certainly didn’t want to do that. First of all that would involve a fair bit of money and apart from watching the pennies it looked too much like hard work. So i consulted my good friend google and looked at alternatives and that’s when i fell upon vinyl tile stickers.

Athena was guiding me that day……………………

I was dubious at first, particuarly when i got carried away with the colours and was at risk of turning the bathroom into a circus. In the end i paid £50 for lots of black and white stickers and do you know what it worked a treat !

Money well spent……………….even if it took a while for anyone to notice i’d done the chuffer!



Oi!……….What you looking at ?

Oi!……….What you looking at ?



So whilst i was neglecting my blog i was researching and visiting places to gather ideas and information for the huge pentalogy i am writing (That’s a series of 5 books. You probably will know that but i’ve not long since figured out what a pentalogy actually is!)  Anyway the above picture was taken in the North West sea side resort of Blackpool. The picture was taken as i sat eating my chips on a windy October day. We had gone to see the illuminations. My parents were entertaining me with another long drawn out and repeated conversation. In desperation for a distraction i found myself locking eyes with a seagull who was staring at me intently. His eyes were so locked into mine it was very intense and quite creepy actually. It was then that i thought  about Artemis.

If i were Artemis, i would be able to talk to that bird and ask him what was he looking it?

The paranoia was creeping in so i decided to draw my own conclusions as follows;

Maybe the creepy glare was because……………..

A) My chips looked delicious and he was ready to pounce ?

If that was the case why me and not any of the other tourists eating chips? Maybe it was the way i ate them. I’m laughing writing this statement because it’s doubtfull. The hubs says i’m a noisy eater and i slap my chops. He’s so romantic………………

B) He was disgusted at my eye rolling over the parents conversation.

To be honest though, even that seagull would have heard the conversation four times over. I’m surprised he didn’t dart under the tram to be put out of his misery….i may have done if i was closer.

c) My inner Aphrodite was shining through so strongly i was attracting the attention of both man and beast. 

Sadly i think not. Dressed in my Green Parker with my hair perched on my head like a nest (Thanks to October gale force winds and torrential rain) i probably wasn’t rocking a good look.

Whatever it was, i had struck up an unspoken word with the said seagull with my inner Artemis was leading the way. As we went our seperate ways i looked back and i’m sure he gave me a knowing nod. I gave one back and in doing so i felt a surge of euphoria like i had connected to a higher energy.

That was of course until i turned round and nearly stepped in front of a bloody tram!





Goddess is back…..again!

Goddess is back…..again!

_20160127_112305I know, i know………..i have had more come backs than Frank Sinatra but this time i’m back for good (as Gary Barlow would say)

I have been so busy with work and life stuff that at i have neglected my little old blog 😦 Not had the time to be a goddess at all i’m afraid!

But now i’m back bringing a little Goddess love.

Tomorrow i shall be back with something for you all…………Until then i wish you all well and i hope you enjoy the rest of your day!